When faced with life's challenges,
it is Important to Remember
that although Daniel was saved from the lions,
he was not saved from the Lion's Den.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Five Minute Friday - Color

It’s Friday.  One of my favorite days of the week!  Today is the day that we link up with the Gypsy Mama for a moment (or five) of writing.
Let’s do it. Let’s just write without worrying if it’s just right or not.
For only five short, bold, beautiful minutes. Won’t you join me?
    1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
    2. Link back here at the Gypsy Mama, and invite others to join in.
    3. Most importantly: leave a comment for the person who linked up before you – encouraging them in their writing!
OK, are you ready? Give me your best five minutes on:



The snow falls in our mountains, covering the colors of the world in wondrous white.  Hiding the greens and browns beneath a glistening, shimmering blanket of cold. Everything looks clean in fresh in it's new coat.  Blemishes are covered beneath the drifts.  Mistakes are made into seeming perfection; camouflaged in frosted light.  The world seems to be a wondrous place.  
Then, like hens let loose for the chicken coop, the children come.  Laughing and squealing in excitement.  Wanting to be the first to mark the new territory of fun.  The first to make boot prints in the snow.  The first to climb up and slide down.  They bring their sleds, their snowsuits, their happy voices.  They bring their boots, their hot chocolate, and their gloves.  They trudge buoyantly up the hills, all for the colorful moment of skimming down over the hard packed snow.    
The whiteness is broken, yet we are all the better for it.  



  1. How wonderful to live where there is snow like that in the winter. Texas does not get much and it is short lived when we do. The children are adorable and no doubt they look forward to winter!! Have a wonderful day!

  2. "The whiteness is broken, yet we are all the better for it." Beautiful!