When faced with life's challenges,
it is Important to Remember
that although Daniel was saved from the lions,
he was not saved from the Lion's Den.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Writer's Workshop - Through the Window

Today's entry is for Thursday.  This is the time of the week when I join with Mama Kat from Mama's losin it for the pretty much world famous writer's workshope weekly challenge.  I am late this week because we went to the valley for a wonderful family-filled weekend.  Those moments come all too rarely in my life, and when they do, I just grasp them with both hands and hang on.  It was wonderful!
The prompts from the workshop this week, were just a little bit hard for me. 

1.) Write about a time you had to crawl through a window. (inspired by Barb from Half Past Kissin' Time)

2.) List 10 shows you're glad have seen their last day.
3.) A bad day.
4.) Share a joke that always makes you laugh.
5.) On a piece of paper write down something that makes you happy...take a photo of your paper and wa la...there's your post.

Bonus Vlog Option!
6.) Has your child thrown a temper tantrum in public? Create a video where you describe what happened and how you handled it.

I chose door number one for a time when I had to crawl through a window.  This was a time that I still remember vividly today.  A time that I hope never to forget.

When I was much younger, my parents did not know quite what to do with me.  You see, I did not have bad friends, I had morals, I tried to be good.  If anything, they would often comment that it wasn't normal to be good!  They wanted me to be rebellious.  I did not even get into trouble like most kids.  You know, back when I was a girl, grounding was quite popular with parents.  They grounded you from your friends, they grounded you from activities, they grounded you from the phone (yes, we used an old fashioned corded phone in those days).  But my parents, grounded me from church.  It was the only thing they could take away from me that I really loved.  So, when other children lost their allowances, I lost my opportunity to go to Sunday School.  It was so hard on me!
I tried to be good about it.  But I really got to thinking how it wasn't very fair (especially when I reached my 17th year).  After all, I worked full time, went to school full time, was mostly an "A" student, and they took the one thing away from me that I thought was sacred and untouchable.  So, I quietly and stealthily shimmied out the window one beautiful Sabbath morning, and took myself to church.
You should realize that my window was quite high.  I ripped my shirt getting out of it, and of course, I had to wear pants in order to preserve my dignity, but I threw my skirt and shoes out onto the ground in a bag,  and took myself off to church for the day.
I knew there would be consequences.  I knew they would involve physical punishment, and I knew that I would not like it.  But for that one beautiful Sunday morning, I made a choice that I was very proud of.  A choice that would stand with me throughout the rest of my life.
I made a memory where God came first.  And that, my friends, has made all the difference.

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