When faced with life's challenges,
it is Important to Remember
that although Daniel was saved from the lions,
he was not saved from the Lion's Den.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Wedding Day

For My Son
On His Wedding Day 
By Patricia A Pitterle 

I held you
One heart beat 
Next to mine. 
Tightly in my arms. 
Wide blue eyes looking 
Into my brown-green ones.

I loved you 
More than I could explain 
As I watched you crawl 
Across the floor 
Then walk and run 
And leave my side at last. 

I watched you grow 
I watched you change 
I watched you become 
The man you are today. 
Life often hands us gifts 
We never planned on. 

I am proud of you son. 
I am filled with love 
And joy and memories 
For the young man 
    That stands waiting 
At the alter. 

I watch your face 
The smile that lights your eyes 
As she comes. 
Slowly walking, 
One step at a time, 
Toward her beckoning future. 

I see her gaze 
Looking up into yours. 
Love shining in her eyes. 
Her heart 
Worn on her sleeve 
For everyone there to see. 

You look at her 
And take her small hand 
Gently in your larger one. 
You both smile 
And lovingly 
Whisper your “I do’s”. 

It is finished 
You are now a pair. 
A new life together; 
You turn as one 
And greet the crowd 
Heart and soul complete. 

Two hearts 
Once lonely and alone, 
Now beat together in symmetry. 
You walk together 
Toward your destiny; 
Mr. and Mrs. at last. 

You have waited 
All your life 
For just this moment. 
It is a good day 
Full of devotion, joy and 
A love worth waiting for. 

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