When faced with life's challenges,
it is Important to Remember
that although Daniel was saved from the lions,
he was not saved from the Lion's Den.

Friday, April 29, 2011

If I knew I could

This week, I am linking up again at The Gypsy Mama for a fresh dose of five minute Friday.  I am loving this challenge.  It gives me an entirely new perspective on writing. 

On Fridays, we throw caution (editing, revising, and worrying) to the winds and just write. Without wondering if it’s just right or not.

For five minutes flat. You’re welcome to play along. The rules are easy.
Write your heart out for five minutes and show us what you’ve got.
Tell your readers you’re linking up here and invite them to play along.

And most importantly, go visit, read, and encourage the fellow five-minuter who linked up right before you.{Pretty please turn off word verification for the day to make this easier!}

The prompt this week is:  If I knew I could......


If I knew I could.....
go back and change anything in my life,
I would spend more time smiling
and less time worrying.
I would spend more time in anticipation
and less time wanting to hurry.
I would spend more time snuggling my little ones,
and less time getting mad over silly little things.
I would spend more time reading to them,
playing with them, and loving them,
and less time resenting the frustrating everyday moments
that seem to happen when you least expect it.
I would spend more time enjoy the stage they are currently in
and less time waiting for them to be somewhere else.
If I knew I could....
I would spend more time being the person that I have always wanted to be,
and less time trying to be the person that others expected me to be.
I would write, I would paint, I would laugh at myself, I would love life.
I would spend so much more time being grateful for the things I do have,
and not so much time wishing for the things I don't have.
I would share my faith more with others,
I would accept them just as they are,
I would love them more,
and not get angry over the things that don't matter at all.
If I knew I could....
I would choose to be more Christ-like in everything I do.
I would share those things that I love the most.
I would cherish every moment.
I would look for God in all the world around me.
I would be who He wants me to be.


Ok, now it is your turn.
What words of wisdom can you write in five short minutes?


  1. Patty Ann, I am printing this to put on my fridge...beautiful post!

    A fellow 5-minute gal,

  2. Whew! You got a lot down in 5 minutes! All wonderful sentiments!

  3. Yesterday my husband asked me what I would do differently if I could live my life all over again. I told him several things but the one that stood out was "I would have believed in myself more and not bought into the message that I was broken, damaged goods. I would have been wiser about the company I kept and defter about avoiding the toxic people." Great sentiments in your write-up. I always enjoy coming here.

  4. Pattyann,

    I wanted to thank you for the card that you sent to me. Thank you for telling me there is a light at the end of this tunnel and for your thoughts and prayers!


  5. This was a lovely 5 minute post. It was inspirational. Thanks, for the meaningful thoughts.
    I will try this at some point; it is a great idea.
    Blessings to you!

  6. beautifully done, great encouragement!

  7. Wow! What a wonderful bunch of thoughts for just writing for five minutes. It sounds like something that should be put on a poster. And thanks for the reminder to enjoy the stage we are in now...it won't last forever.

  8. I love this! You are a BEAUTIFUL writer! The feelings of your heart can be felt so deeply! You come out in your writings... I can see why you love these 5 min props so much; you're great at it! :D Good job!

  9. So well spoken ... we have this moment .. we have this day to make those choices. May we continually be reminded of what really matters.