When faced with life's challenges,
it is Important to Remember
that although Daniel was saved from the lions,
he was not saved from the Lion's Den.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Home, At Last

Simple BPM
Today, I am linking up for two prompts.  The first is over at Undercover Mother for the bigger picture moment.  The second is over at Mama Kat's for her weekly writing prompt. 
The Prompts are:
1.) Something students these days should know.
2.) If my Mom were a blogger.
3.) Describe a phone call you won’t forget.
4.) A list of 10 Celebrity DON’TS
5.) Write a poem about your favorite place to be.

I went with a poem about my favorite place and added a spitual twist on it.  I hope you like it. 

Home, At Last
by Patricia A Pitterle

The waves
Wash in with a whoosh
And break away
With a tug and a whisper
Of silk, against my skin.
Each and every time
I feel the
Push and pull
Of the sea,
My mind clears
And I breathe in
The sweet tang
Of the ocean breeze.
I taste the salt
On the air that surrounds me.
I see the blue-green hue
Of the tumbling water
And watch the clouds dance
Across the blue, blue sky.
The waves
Are cool upon
My bare legs
And the sand
Is gritty and shifting
Beneath my feet.
I stand there,
In awe of the world
That encircles me.
My mind clear of the fog
That constantly surrounds me.
I utter a quiet sigh,
And feel home, at last.

Life is much like
The ocean that I love
The waves of trials
And adversities whoosh in,
And then break away
With a tug and
A whisper of hope
They ebb and flow
In constant contact
As I make my way
Along the path
That leads back home.
I experience life
In all of it’s many moments;
Light and darkness,
Joy and sorrow,
Pleasure and pain,
Birth and death.
The sands of my trials
Shift and move
Beneath my feet,
Until I am not sure
Where adversity ends
And faith begins.
I stand in awe of heaven above
And the love of my Savior,
Who is the rock beneath my feet.
When my journey is over
And the sand is all swept away
I know I will find myself
Standing on the solid ground
Of His Eternal Love.
I will truly be home at last.


  1. Thank you. This is beautiful. I love the hope. My favorite lines:
    The sands of my trials
    Shift and move
    Beneath my feet,
    Until I am not sure
    Where adversity ends
    And faith begins.
    I relate to this tug, and try not to over analyze and interpret. These days I'm feeling like it doesn't matter if I know where adversity ends and faith begins, as long as I hold on to that hope!

    I chose this prompt too! visiting from Mama Kat's

  2. Patty Ann this is so beautiful! I agree with Adrienne.. The sand of my trials, shift and move beneath my feet, until I am not sure where adversity ends and faith begins...
    Your poetry is astounding!

  3. That was amazing. I loved how you compared the two. If I ever have to give a talk, can I use it?

  4. Yes, you may use it, just give me credit! ;-) I really want to publish a book someday, it is a work in progress.

  5. What a beautiful poem. I hope you are able to publish a book. Your writing is wonderful. Thank you so much for linking it to Women of Noble Character. It really fits in with the struggles we face, and the "solid ground" we are striving for.

  6. You are an incredibly talented write, Miss Patty Ann. This was simply beautiful. Brava!!!

  7. This sets the mood like no other. I could picture myself there. You are delightfully gifted with words.

  8. ...love it! :D That was beautiful, Patty Ann!

  9. Beautiful poem Makes me want to find a beach and go watch the waves and just contemplate/mediate life

  10. also meant to say Thanks for linking up to the NOBH

  11. "The sands of my trials
    Shift and move
    Beneath my feet,
    Until I am not sure
    Where adversity ends
    And faith begins."
    Perfect. I feel this so deeply sometimes. Beautiful words, Patty Ann. {Also, I linked you. :) }

  12. wow, you are a poet. Those lines are inspired, I can related to this poem right now in my life. The waves and sand are great metaphors. Time to copyright!

  13. my goodness that is beautiful . I like the tides and currents of the sea that are like labor pains in childbirth and pregnancy

  14. Love this!

    One of the times you read something and think, "My thoughts EXACTLY." Thank you for writing them so beautifully.

    (This is my first time here. I popped over from the ANWA Founder and Friends blog. What a treat.)