When faced with life's challenges,
it is Important to Remember
that although Daniel was saved from the lions,
he was not saved from the Lion's Den.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Learning to work

"Opportunity is missed by most people
because it is dressed in overalls 
and looks like work." --Thomas A. Edison

My daughter had the opportunity to help her dad lay the tile for our house.  She really loved the hard, physical work.  She spent time with her father and helped him wash down the tile and the grout.  She thought that kind of work was "fun".   She was so proud of her accomplishments.  She was genuinely pleased with the result of her labor.  Yet this same daughter really hates to do her "chores".  The tile work, which is much more physical and labor intensive, held more pleasure for her than a dish drainer full of clean dishes.
Have you ever noticed, that the things we need to do everyday, are the ones we try the hardest to get out of?  It is the normal, everyday chores that get the better of us.  One of the things I am trying to change in my own life is how I look at the work that is tedious and monotonous.  One of the most interesting things that I have read lately was someone who simply referred to the typical housework as her chance to bless her family.  It was her opportunity to show them how much she cares, how much she loves them.  By referring to work as blessings, she was able to change her entire outlook on it and also change the way she did (or didn't) get it done.  
So today, I am working on "blessing" those that I love and live with.  I came home from work to find my visiting daughter Emily, getting the girls to work in the dining room and kitchen and she was cleaning off all the cupboards.  So, I got out all the scrubbing supplies and started on the stove.  (This is probably one of the jobs that I hate the most).  
Honestly, it felt good to scrub and watch the dirt and grime go away.  It felt good to be blessing those that I love.  It felt good to see the change.  I really should have taken before and after pictures, but let us just say that the kitchen looks amazing.  And honestly, I didn't even mind doing it.  Just changing my outlook made it a pleasure and a blessing.  I think I might have learned something to change my life today.  

Work is Love made visible.  


  1. I love that quote. so perfect. But I agree about chores--even the word makes me cringe. I do feel better when everything is clean tho. One of my pioneer grandmas, said sweeping the floor was serving the Lord. Tough to keep it in perspective because it happens daily.

  2. We had a similar experience in our house. We spent yesterday planting trees in the backyard--and our kids had a ball. My younger girls don't really have the concept of yardwork (but they'll definitely get it this year!) since we lived for a long time in the desert with no real landscaping. It was a such a wonderful feeling to have everyone working together and enjoying it.

  3. Great post, stopping by from No Ordinary Blog Hop to say hi and follow you. I love that you have a big family! Many blessings to you all. Stop by when you have the time.

    Homestead Mom

  4. I love your quote alteration!!!! I actually love to work, usually. But there have been times when I have wanted to spend all my time doing projects of my own - at these times, housework seemed a burden for me. The thing that got me through, was just what you talked about. It was wanting to make things nice for my family, and wanting to show love for them by serving them that got be through; I'm sure such moments will come many more times in my life. But I suppose that just gives me that many more opportunities to put on a smile and get serving! :D