When faced with life's challenges,
it is Important to Remember
that although Daniel was saved from the lions,
he was not saved from the Lion's Den.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Fix It Myself!

I was visiting my son's house not very long ago and enjoying being around all the grandchildren that reside there. (DJ and his wife, Amy, have four children 4 and under).  We were upstairs in their TV room and Jake was pushed into the bookcase by his brother.  It really was an accident.  Both the boys have soft hearts and never like to see each other hurt.  Nevertheless, Cole pushed Jake and Jake hit the bookcase and split his head open.  
I am not sure why I seem to be around when catastrophes happen, but there I was, sitting on the couch and there was Jake, bleeding all down his face and onto his clothes.  
We had the opportunity of playing "catch that boy" as he ran around the room screaming at us, "I fix it myself, I fix it myself!  Don't touch me, I fix it myself!"  
After a lengthy struggle, we finally caught the very wiggly boy and tried to fix his head.  The cut was about an inch long.  That isn't too bad and as much as he was fighting with us, no one wanted to see how he would do in the Emergency room.  I tried a butterfly bandage (there is some benefit to having your grandma be an EMT with a kit bag).  He only ripped that off in less than two (count them) minutes!  So, we tried a regular bandage, and we even tried super glue.  No matter what we did, he had it ripped off and picked out of his head within a few minutes.  
Finally, we just gave in and let him "fix it myself!"  We put vitamin E on it to minimize the scarring and a good antibiotic ointment after he was asleep.  We also tried another butterfly bandage, but alas, he had that off before he got out of bed in the morning.  He curled up on the couch with me an we both slept the night away. (Well, he slept, I was watching him for any signs of concussion).  
After all was said and done, he was just fine, slightly scarred, but otherwise good as new.  

Sometimes, life is a lot like this experience with my grandson Jake.  Things happen to us and instead of turning toward our Father in Heaven, we decide that we are going to 'fix it' ourselves.  Do we get through it?  Most of the time we do, but was that the only way or even the best way to get through the trial?  If Jake would have been calm, we really could have minimized the trauma.  We could have bandaged his wound and comforted his heart.  We could have helped him to heal.  But he was not willing to let us help him. 
So is life.  Trials and hurts come to each of us.  It is part of the experience.  I have found that I have a choice in how difficult I make it.  There have been times when I turned away from the comfort of my Father.  Times when I was insecure, or stubborn, or even angry with Him for allowing whatever my current trial was, to happen to me.   Yet, when I humble myself and turn to Him, I am never left alone.  He comforts the hurt and the pain, and somehow, makes me whole.  

Are there areas of your own life where you are acting just a little bit like my 3-year-old grandson, Jake?  
Are there things that you should be turning over to your Father in Heaven?  
Are there struggles that would be more bearable with Him by your side?
Are you allowing Him to comfort your heart and heal your wounds?  
Or are you set on fixing it all yourself?

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