When faced with life's challenges,
it is Important to Remember
that although Daniel was saved from the lions,
he was not saved from the Lion's Den.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Finding the Pearls

Sometimes, we focus so long and hard upon the storms, that we forget to look for the pearls.  I had a Relief Society Meeting Saturday at the Stake Center.  There were women who talked about the trials they are facing now.
One woman is a widow.  Her husband passed away from Cancer.  She talked of the trial of his illness and the grief.  She talked about the healing in the temple and the strength that she has found within herself.  She spoke of service, compassion and love.
Another sister spoke of having a disabled daughter.  The true light this daughter brings to their family.  The things she has taught them all.  Her smile and her laughter.  Her love.  Her mind will always be about a year old, but her joy is everlasting.
Another sister spoke of having a serious illness and the trials that have come from learning to deal with the results of major surgery to her face.  She talks of the difficulty of facing others, and of facing herself in the mirror.  She talks of the trials and the strength's and the blessings that she has received.
I would have loved to have copies of all the talks to share.  I am only sharing the bare bones of them.  Perhaps the gift for me is that I know them.  I know that they do not focus on the hard in their lives, but on the good.  I have seen them endure, smile and carry on.
But the most amazing thing to me is how their struggle and trials have helped their testimonies.  They have learned to find the pearls in the midst of continuing storms.  They each had a positive to share from their experiences.  They have each known hope and despair, trial and grief, pain and misunderstanding.  Yet through it all, they were each able to say that they knew Heavenly Father loved them, was with them, looked out for them and blessed them.
They found their pearls.  

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