When faced with life's challenges,
it is Important to Remember
that although Daniel was saved from the lions,
he was not saved from the Lion's Den.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Credit For Trying

This is so comforting for me.  I am so, not perfect!  I keep working on it, and keep failing spectacularly in the process.  What a comfort for me to realize that Heavenly Father really does give us credit for trying to become better.   It makes me want to strive even harder to do those things that I know are right.
One of my trials is an ongoing struggle with depression and anxiety.  There are days when just getting out of bed and getting dressed takes every single bit of my energy.  There are days when I can't make myself take a shower or even brush my hair.  I have been known to stay in bed all day and get absolutely nothing done.  The voice in my head tells me I am lazy even though I know I am not.  There just comes a point when I can't continue moving forward until after I get some form of peace.
I have always been so hard on myself.  I grade myself on the pass fail system.  You know the kind, the one where if you are not perfect, and you don't have it all together, than you are a failure.  The one where I never win.  The one where I am not enough.
How grateful I am that I recognize my Heavenly Father grades me on a much better system.  One where repentance and forgiveness play a major part.  One where mistakes are learning experiences and change is always possible.  One where I have a loving Father who wants to see me succeed and not falter.    
How amazing it is to me that He loves me and cares for me always, no matter how many shortcomings I have or how often I don't do things the right way.  He is there to help me pick up the pieces of my life, dust myself off and try one more time.  
He gives me credit for my intent, not just my successes.  
He loves me just as I am and for Him,
I am enough.