When faced with life's challenges,
it is Important to Remember
that although Daniel was saved from the lions,
he was not saved from the Lion's Den.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Becoming like Him - Day 10 - Five Minute Friday - Care

Just so you know, I wrote this on Friday, but I only had my tablet and it would not let me cut paste, or post.  So, it is getting published today in spite of all the problems of the week.  Today is five minute Friday.  This is where a group of us write for just five minutes without worrying whether it is just right or not.  The rules are simple.  Write for five minutes and link back over at Kate's place.  Then leave a comment for the person who linked up before you.  (or several if you choose).  Today the prompt is:


They come into your life so small and helpless.  With eyes that watch you and ears that listen to your songs.  They smell of milk and birth and heaven.  They win your heart with a single glance.  From the very first kick, before you have even seen them, you are hooked.  You can't wait to meet them.  You can't wait to get to know them.  You know, somewhere deep inside, that them come right from the arms of God.
It is so easy to care when they are small.  I will never understand how people could not care for an infant.  I will never understand how anyone could not care about a child.  And yet, we go on our way day by day and don't remember to care for those around us.  The man in the street, is somebody's son.  The women selling tamales door to door is someone's daughter, someone's wife and someone's mother.
Most of all, I find it hardest to care for myself.  When I remember the things that I have been through,  the mistakes that I have made, it is rather like watching and thinking of myself as an adult in a child's body.  Therefore, everything has always been my fault.  Yet, when I see a grand child the same age as I was, I would never, ever think of placing blame on their small shoulders.  Yet, I have placed that blame squarely on my own for years.
We need to care about others around us, those who struggle, those who are weeping, those who are hungry and those that are heartbroken.  But we also need to learn to care about ourselves.  We need to be able to look upon our selves with compassion and forgiveness.  We need to understand that we all make mistakes and we all hurt and we all are broken.
The Savior's love can heal our hearts and our minds.  His atonement can help us find forgiveness and compassion.  His teachings can help us find our way back when we have been lost and broken.  Because He cares, His words will always guide us home.


Now it's your turn.  Don't forget to join the rest of us over at Kate's Place at Heading Home.  I can't wait to see what you write in your own five minutes.  


  1. YES YES YES! Wonderful points on every single thing here. I love how you painted the picture of how much we care for an infant, but yet the man in the street is also someone's son, etc. If we could all remember that. So beautifully said! And yes, self care is SO important. We deserve to have the same forgiveness and compassion with ourselves as we do with others. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by to visit my site too!