When faced with life's challenges,
it is Important to Remember
that although Daniel was saved from the lions,
he was not saved from the Lion's Den.

Monday, March 25, 2013

A Slower Pace

"Adopt the pace of nature:  
her secret is patience."  
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nature is so amazing to watch.  Every year, we do a garden in our back yard.  My husband built a greenhouse out of PVC pipe and plastic.  We have to plant the seeds, nurture the seeds, keep them warm and make sure that they have enough sunlight to grow.  It can be so hard to look at the garden day by day and not be sure if you did it right. To not know if the seeds are going to every come up out of the soil that you have tilled and planted.  We wait impatiently to see if anything is going to grow, and then what is going to make it.  Nothing I do or say will speed up the process.  It happens exactly how it was meant to happen.  Some years, we get lots of lettuce and spinach, and some years we get more corn and beets.  My first year, we got radishes and weeds.  We just can't be sure what we are going to get because the weather here is so undependable, the garden doesn't always like the late cold and frosts, and we are still learning to garden at a high altitude.  No matter how much I want it to hurry, so that it gets past the fragile stage, it never does.  Everything depends on patience.  Gardening is all about waiting.  Nature has patience that ignores all my rushed intentions. 
God has promised us that everything has a season and a purpose.  Sometimes, in our very busy lives we would do well to remember that example.  We would do better to display a patience of love; to savor each moment; to slow down in our journey; to smell the roses and to celebrate this marvelous garden that we call life. 


  1. I loved your thoughts on this one. Yes, everything does have a season and a purpose. Patience is such a great virtue; but hard to do sometimes.

  2. LOVE this. SO true. Jacob and I have planted many, many things. When he was like 3 or 4, he would go CRAZY waiting for the seed to sprout. (I tried to find things that sprouted quickly, for BOTH our sakes!) But then, sure enough, one day, we would see the tiny speck of green. I love the quote by Emerson too. May just have to borrow that one. :)