When faced with life's challenges,
it is Important to Remember
that although Daniel was saved from the lions,
he was not saved from the Lion's Den.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

To My Cousin - You are always loved

I revised this to more fit my cousin's life.  It is similar to one I wrote previously for someone else.   I grew up with Sherri Lou.  I idolized her as a child.  I was there to see her first baby when she was only two weeks old.  I thought she had everything.  It was not until much later in our lives that I realized how much my perceptions were wrong.  I love her family.  They are always in my heart and they are amazing.  We loved you so much Sherri Lou, and I know that we will see you again.

By Patricia A. Pitterle

Now you come together
All those who loved her best,
To share her stories and her life
Before she is laid to rest.

You mourn her missing presence
Vanished from this earth.
You miss her at your gatherings,
You miss her sense of mirth.

She loved her friends and family,
She held them all quite dear.
She shared her life and stories
With all those who would hear.

Though her body is not with us now,
Her spirit lingers near.
She wants to comfort those she loves
To wipe away their tears.

To let them know that peace is hers.
She is gathered now in love.
She is seeing those who’ve gone before. 
She is welcomed up above.

Though your hearts are sorrowed
And your souls cry out in grief,
Remember, she is not too far
She only rests in sleep.

This life is swift in passing,
You never know the day,
You only have these moments
Of love to show the way.

No one can take your memories
Her love is yours to keep.
You will see her in another place
You once again shall meet.

Families can be forever
You know that this is true
And though your hearts are longing now
This too, you’ll make it through.

This is all part of God’s great plan,
Earth-life is not the end.
She is as close as all your memories,
You will see her once again.

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