When faced with life's challenges,
it is Important to Remember
that although Daniel was saved from the lions,
he was not saved from the Lion's Den.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Five Minute Friday - Paint

Oh, I love Friday.  It is the day a whole bunch of friends come together to write, without worrying thats it's just right or not.  We spend a few moments together in a safe place. One prompt, just 5 minutes, a community of nearly 300 writers. All the details are over at Lisa Jo's Place.  Don't forget to go visit her blog and post your link for your very own five minutes.  And don't forget to visit the writer that linked before you.  
And today the writing prompt is PAINT.


When I was young, I did not believe that I could do anything artistic.  I did not know how for one thing, and I did not have the time for another.  It was a dream that I never thought I would see fulfilled.   My Grandmother used to tell me that she did not start painting until she was in her 50's and my time would come as well.  All I needed to do was be patient.
When the time came that she was too ill to paint any longer, she gave me all her painting supplies.  Motivation for me to live my dream sooner rather than later.  I took a few lessons, and started painting on my own.  The picture at the top is one of the ones that I painted and that I love the most. Painting is not easy.  As a matter of fact, it took hours and hours to do.  There are a lot of steps for a painting for me.  First, I have to have an idea of what I want.  Then I take a picture.  Then I sketch the picture on the canvas.  Then I start painting.  The only medium that I have used really well, is oils.  They take months to dry.  I add texture to the painting by painting over any mistakes I might make.  The additional paint give the picture character.  I love the brush strokes that are visible in the oils.
Most of all, I love how painting helps me to feel closer to my Grandmother now that she is gone.  The smells remind me of my visits with her and the painting is soothing to my heart.
Life is not easy either.  We do things step by step.  Sometimes we learn from others, and sometimes we have to figure it out on our own.  Just as I have spent hours pouring over painting books, in life, we pour over the scriptures, trying to find our way back home.
The amazing thing is that God does not give up on us.  No matter how long we take, or how much we doubt.  No matter what we do not know, or what mistakes we might make, He is with us.  He guides our hands and our hearts until we become the masterpiece.  All of our mistakes are covered over in His blood.  He makes us in His grace.  He adds texture to us through our experiences, and through our desire to do better.  He soothes our hearts with His hands.
I love how His handiwork is visible in the canvas of life that I am living.   I am both painted and engraved in the hands of His love.


Now it is your turn.  What masterpiece can you create in just five minutes?  Don't forget to go over to Lisa Jo's and link up with the rest of us.  


  1. This is such a beautiful reflection...and such a beautiful painting, too! So glad I was your neighbor at Five-Minute Friday today. Thanks for sharing your words with us.

  2. Okay, first thing I thought was, that is a beautiful painting. Then to find out you painted it yourself! So cool :) You definitely have a talent, even if it took years before you found it and honed it. Sorry your grandmother is gone, but so glad you can connect with her memory through painting - and having the brushes and other supplies she used is a great way to remember her, too!
    Your analogy of God painting us into who we are supposed to be over time is spot on. I love it. Thank you so much for sharing today :)

  3. painting really does reflect life! beautiful! painting is something i've always wanted to do as well. i'm feeling inspired!

  4. So, so beautiful. I really resonate with growing up believing I wasn't artistic - even though as a young girl, I sketched and wrote a lot. I discounted all this as I got older, and it took me to the end of my twenties to come back to my artistic self. I love how you picked up your grandmother's paints and gathered your courage to try. Your painting is lovely, and even more - as you so eloquently said - the evidence of Christ's hand on the canvas of your life is beautiful. You draw a stunning parallel here. Thank you.