When faced with life's challenges,
it is Important to Remember
that although Daniel was saved from the lions,
he was not saved from the Lion's Den.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Writer's Workshop - When my Child Cries

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This Week's Prompts

1.) A list of ten things you should never ask your spouse.
2.) Write a poem about a memorable Halloween costume.
3.) Speech!! Tell about a time you had to speak or present in front of a group of people.
4.) What was the last thing your child cried about? Write a blog post about the problem in the voice of your child.
5.) A recipe that went all kinds of wrong.

I chose to write about number four.  The last thing my child cried about.
We have had so many struggles here lately, and the tears keep flowing.  So, now all I need to do is pick the latest one.  All of this conversation was said with tears pouring down her face.  She really, really had a bad day. 
Mom, I had a bad day at school today.  It's so hard!  I don't like going anymore.  I don't like riding the bus, or being with the kids.  I hate being different from everybody else.  I hate it when they make fun of me and trip me.  I hate being invisible. 
Yes I am!  I am invisible to those girls.  They don't see me, they don't try to see me, they don't want to see me.  I am invisible in school all the time.  They just ignore me.  I am the invisible kid.  I am the one that no one has to pay attention to.  The only time they pay attention is when I don't want them to, when they are laughing and leaving me out! 
Today, I walked by a couple of girls and one said to the other, "why are you twitching".  The other said, "I don't know, I think I have tourettes!"  They knew that I was there.  They knew that I could hear.  They were just being mean.  Someone called me a ________ today and than slapped my face.  They always do that, mom.  They think it is funny.  Someone else called me an ________ because I would not give them a piece of candy.  Why should I have to share when they are not nice to me? 
Tomorrow, know what I'm going to do?  I am going to make a whole batch of cupcakes and only frost three of them.  One is for me, and the other two are for the only people that are nice to me.  Everyone else is not going to get any frosting!!  I know mom, I can't do that because it is mean, but I really, really want to be mean today.
Mom, why can't people just like me for who I am? 
I need to go home and make cupcakes.  Don't worry mom, I will put frosting on all of them.  Can you make it for me?
So, when I have a bad day myself, if helps me to remember that others are hurting too.  Sometimes, so much worse than what I am going through.  They might not cry in front of me, but inside, where it counts the most, the tears are pouring down their spiritual cheeks and their heart is breaking.  Sometimes, we can't see and we don't know what is really going on inside. 
Some people, like my sweet girl, are able to hide those tears and those thoughts.  Some people wear a mask to disquise the hurt inside.  I would venture to say, that most of us have worn a mask at one time or another to hide from the view of those around us.  I have learned that each and every one of us can be hurting and those around us may not even be aware of it because they are having their own trials too. 
All we can do is take a few moments Every. Single. Day., and try and be the kind of person that makes things just a little better for everybody else.  The kind of person that seeks out the alone and the lonely.  The kind of person that brings cupcakes with frosting for everyone, even when they might not be feeling happy and cheerful inside. 
The kind of person, like my sweet young daughter, who really is learning that she is the Daughter of a Heavenly King and she is becoming who He needs and wants her to be.


  1. It's so hard to hear your kids cry...

  2. I can only imagine what your daughter is going through. I have been there but it has been so long. It makes me scared for my daughter. It makes me contiguous.

  3. This post goes along very well with this weeks reading in A Quest for Character. I will be praying for your daughter and "the mean girls" this week. Guarding your heart from mean words is difficult at a young age, but it is possible with God's help (and mom's help).

    God bless you, Patty Ann, and thank you for linking up at Women of Noble Character.

  4. Awww that's so sad! It's reallyy intresting that she used the phrase of being invisibe ;( that's really intricate. Say No To Bullies!!

  5. My son came home so sad this week... so my heart hurt again when I read this post.

  6. Congratulations on being posted on MMB. You are a wonderful inspiring writer and photographer. Bless you for your example and for being a good mom. And, I LOVE pink - such a pretty blog you have.