When faced with life's challenges,
it is Important to Remember
that although Daniel was saved from the lions,
he was not saved from the Lion's Den.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

To My Children's Teachers

A Teacher’s Gift
By Patricia A. Pitterle
May 2010

Years ago, a child started school.
On that very first day;
She was so afraid!
A teacher took her hand
And gave her the courage
To face her fears
In the arms of new friends.

Another day at school,
She cried.
(Life can be so hard
When you are little).
A teacher put her arms around her
And taught her courage
To carry on.

That child had moments
Of sadness;
And a teacher is the one
Who taught her about
The gift of tomorrow,
And having hope
In better days to come.

When she was disappointed;
A teacher helped her
To find her own
Talents and abilities,
And to magnify them
Into things
She could be proud of.

When she experienced
Moments of surprise;
A teacher showed her
The gift of perspective
And seeing the wonder
Of the world around her,
In all of it’s many differences.

When she was puzzled and confused;
A teacher encouraged her,
To investigate the mysteries,
One searching question
At a time,
Until at last,
She had the answers.

When she was happy;
A teacher smiled at her,
And laughed with her,
And taught her that
Learning can be fun.
And joy is often found
When we least expect it.

Her teachers have taught her: There is learning everywhere we look.
There is joy in the most surprising places.
There is beauty in teaching, caring, and loving.
Thank you for helping her to learn,
Not only the lessons that were
Prepared and taught for her mind,
But the lessons for her heart as well.

Thank you for your giving and sharing,
And for helping me to raise
A truly, beautiful daughter.
Thank you for teaching her
To see the beauty of kindness
through the eyes of her wonderful teachers.


  1. This poem reminds me of so many teachers from my childhood and a couple that my son was blessed to have. It reminds me of the teacher I want to be for him since we are home schooling next year. It makes my heart ache that he didn't have that type of teacher this year-quite the opposite in fact...Thank you again for making me think and writing words that always touch my heart. :)

  2. The poem was lovely and I enjoyed reading it.
    Thanks for sharing your talkent. The picture is priceless.
    Blessings to you!
    Google is having a problme on comments still.
    Living Waters by LeAnn

  3. Awe. A great teacher is irreplaceable. Lovely.