When faced with life's challenges,
it is Important to Remember
that although Daniel was saved from the lions,
he was not saved from the Lion's Den.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Special Day

Once upon a time, there lived a young woman.  Most of the time, she felt more like the "old woman in the shoe".  She had six children, all teenagers or teenage want to be's.  She worked, she worked and she worked.  Three jobs most of the time just to support herself and her children.  Life was pretty hard, but they were happy. 
One day, she decided that she needed to do something for herself and so she started taking ASL.  For those who might not know what that is, it is simply American Sign Language.  She took the classes from the missionaries from the deaf branch.  It was fun, she met people, she went to the brach to church every once in awhile, and she felt like she was doing something positive in her life. 
One evening at class, the elders decided to do pantomime for different phrases and activites.  The young (or not so young) mother decided to do a tightrope walker.  So, she did.  As she was walking on her imaginary tightrope, she feel to the ground and caught herself using her wrists.  One of her arms immediately bent at the wrong angle.  She was embarassed, but did not want anyone to know that she was hurt, so she went back to her seat and sat down.  After five minutes or so, she hurt so much that it made her stomach upset and she went to get a drink and discretely observe the damage.  She realized that her arm was broken. 
Still not wanting to cause a problem, she went out to her manual transmition truck and drove herself to the hospital.  (You really do not want to know how this was accomplished!).  When the X-rays were done, the arm was set in a half cast and she had to call a friend to drive her home.  By this time, the arm was in agony and her other arm was starting to hurt also.  After five days, she had to go see a specialist to have the arm set in a cast.  She could not move her other arm and the doctor asked her why.  Upon hearing the story, he immediately sent her back to X-ray where it was discovered that she had not one, but two broken arms.  (Oh yeah, it gets even better than this!  Read on).
Now she was seriously depressed.  Her bishop decided she needed to do something constructive with her time instead of crying about it, so he sent her to a Single Adult Conference.  You should understand that she did not like these activites.  They were not usually fun.  People were not always nice.  And she was just find single, thank you very much!  Nevertheless, being an obedient sister (in most things), she did has her bishop asked and went to conference. 
The talks were good, the people were mostly nice, and she started to have a good time.  Now came the hard part.  A special dinner had been prepared for all the single adults.  Everyone was in line to serve themselves.  Here was this slightly battered mother trying to figure out how to hold a plate and scoop up the dinner with no hands available when right next to her appeared a kind hearted man who offered to help, got both his dinner and hers and led her to a seat.  They discovered that they had friends in common, places in common, and ideas in common. 
It was an eventful conference!  I must admit that I really hate saying that I met my husband at a Single's Conference, yet that is exactly where and how I met him.  He has always been and continues to be an amazing and loving man. 
Yesterday, was my anniversary.  It was the 16th year since my husband and I were married.  We have been through a lot during our years together, but he loves me in spite of myself.  I am truly blessed.  I have discovered that love (helped by a couple of broken arms, an adament bishop, and a loving Heavenly Father) can be found at the most inopportune moments when you are least expecting it.  I have learned to trust and treasure the blessings that I am given.  I have learned to be thankful for the trials, for it is when we overcome them that we find our greatest joys. 
My husband is truly an amazing man.  He cares for me, he teaches me, he cherishes me.  He accepts me just as I am, whatever my size and shape, and never acts like he sees less than perfection.  I am so thankful for the blessing of his love that surrounds me in every part of my life.

Happy Anniversary Honey!  You are amazing! 


  1. oh goodness! Two broken arms! Thanks for the great story.

  2. that is one of the sweetest stories I've ever heard. What a good man. happy anniversary

  3. Thank you to both of you! He really is amazing!

  4. That is the craziest story ever! Two broken arms? Three jobs and six kids?
    Dang, you really are super woman!

    And I think it's cute how you guys met. Happy Anniversary!!

  5. Thank you Serene! It is a crazy life I lead! However, I really am not super woman. Just most blessed.

  6. What a great story!!! Wow! Hope you have a great Anniversary!

    Stopping by from MMB.

  7. What a great story--one that will be told for generations. Thanks for sharing.

  8. no WAY! so love your story of how you met - thanks for being brave and sharing it - it is truly wonderful to see how Heavenly Father brought you together - gorgous! congrats on your anniversary :) naomi.

  9. What a great story. And you knew he was good when he helped you out. Way to weed out the losers. Everyone should break limbs before a single adult conference. :)