When faced with life's challenges,
it is Important to Remember
that although Daniel was saved from the lions,
he was not saved from the Lion's Den.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Office Door

My office is decorated from years of foreign exchange students.  They like to bring gifts.  Most of them have an oriental theme to them and we don't have any free walls at home, so I took them to work.  I love looking at the world map on my wall and all of the treasures from all around the world that I have on display.  This is one of my favorites.  It is on red silk and the picture does not even begin to do it justice.

I work at the Post Office.  I get so involved with work, that it is easy to forget to be where I need to be, when I need to be there.  Sometimes I forget to remember those that are most important to me.  Hence the office door.  Several years ago, I started to hang the kids pictures on my door.  It serves as a constant reminder of those things which are most important in my life. 
When I get involved in work, I look up from my desk and there are those sweet letters and pictures to help me remember why I am here and what I am doing.  The pictures were all done over the course of a couple of years.  They never fail to bring a smile to my lips and joy to my heart. 

I wonder why she drew me as a round circle????  Can you see the resemblance?

I love rainbows.  Those always remind me of my Heavenly Father and that His promises are sure.  They remind me that I have made covenants with Him and He will honor His side of the covenant as long as I honor mine.  They also remind me to take joy in the simple things that surround me. 

This is what happens when I leave Miracle in charge.  She gets a little carried away by the rules!  I think that the world we live in is full of distractions.  It is so easy to get caught up in doing the wrong thing.  The thing that is not important.  My office reminds me of the things that are most important of all.  May you also be surrounded by something that reminds you who you are and what you need to be doing.  And may we all go forth and be what we need to be. 


  1. I love kids artwork. This week I am staying with my daughter and two little granddaughters. I feel like I have escaped from the the worldly to a peaceful place.

  2. Very nice! I am constantly surrounded by kids artwork and I cherish them all. Mostly.

  3. Beautiful, I love that your place of work is a reminder of the most important! I'm especially loving all the drawings! xoxo

  4. I love this! What a wonderful reminder to surround ourselves with the things that are most important, and bring the most joy. :) I'm so inspired... Thanks a million!!! :D


  5. I love kids' artwork too! My husband does the same thing as you do and his office has a lot of our daughters' artwork hanging there. So adorable.

  6. I love being surrounded by reminders of the things that mean the most to me. I have little things in all of the major places of my life (car, office, purse) that remind me of what's important.

    Visiting from MMB.

  7. It was my daughters' artwork that brought people to my cubicle and welcomed them to stay for a chat. Decades have passed but I did keep some of the pieces. Each daughter created a paper-mache butterfly with the same art teacher in successive years. Those now hang in my home office - reminding me of the joys in the journey and of my posterity. Continue to cherish their childhood. It is gone all too soon.

    I'm here from MMB - first time on this blog hop so I'm reading and following everyone. It has been an uplifting Saturday activity. I appreciate your donation to my day.

  8. Thank you so much to all of you! I enjoyed your comments and am so glad that we all have something wonderful in common! Thank you for everything.

  9. So cute, and such a good reminder Patty!