When faced with life's challenges,
it is Important to Remember
that although Daniel was saved from the lions,
he was not saved from the Lion's Den.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 21, 2009

Today is a good day. Maybe if I say it enough it will be so :-) I have been reading several good books lately. My new one is called "The Promise of Enough" by Emily Freeman. It talks about the principle of abundance. There is a short poem titled:


It is what He know best.
The principle of promise.
The underlying theme of His life.

It is the tender behind the mercy.
The unconditional behind the love.
The height, breadth, and depth behind the understanding.

It has never been otherwise and remains
true today.

And so,
when weary souls long for the abundant life,
it is to One source they must turn.

For He is known now just as He was known
in times of old.

He is
The Giver
of every good gift.

I really love that statement. "The tender behind the mercy. The unconditional behind the love. That is what I want to remember today. I want to develop those two attributes in my own life. I want to be more tender to all I come in contact with and have more mercy and unconditional love. Sometimes it is so hard to remember that we are each in a different place on the path of life. This journey can be so overwhelming at times. And a kind word, a simple touch, or an understanding smile can make all the difference in our ability to make it through one more minute, one more hour, and one more day. We all walk this path and we all have the choice to make it a little easier for those around us, or a little more difficult. I want to be the one who is tender enough to make a difference to those around me. He has promised us that we will have enough and to spare. Our needs will be met. The problem is determining WHAT is enough. What does He mean by abundance in our lives. I look at His life and He did not live a rich one, or a fast paced one, or a life full of His own wants and desires. Perhaps that is my answer. I need to seek the tender mercies and the unconditional love to find my abundance. It is not to be found in things, but rather in life itself and in the love of those around me.

Today I will seek abundance in the things that I truly need and not in my wants.


  1. Mom, I love you!!! Happy to see you blogging! :)

  2. Thanks Emmy, I will just have to see how it works out. I must admit, it is easier than handwriting everything out.