When faced with life's challenges,
it is Important to Remember
that although Daniel was saved from the lions,
he was not saved from the Lion's Den.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Mikayla's Birthday

Today is my Mikayla's eleventh birthday.  It seems like not too long ago when I held her in my arms and thanked the Lord for this wonderful blessing in our lives.  Kayla is the 10th child of our rather large family.  Her middle name is Joy and she has brought so much of it into my life.  She is a wonderful young girl with a heart of gold.  She loves everyone and can't stand to see anyone hurting or feeling badly.  She makes friends wherever she goes.  She loves music, although she does prefer the chello to the piano.  (Her mom is mean and makes her practice both).  She loves animals and especially her cat.  She is quite a daddy's girl.  She shares a special bond with him and can't stand to go to sleep without being tucked in by her dad.  If he is not here, she reminds me that he has to come and tuck her in as soon as he gets home.  She loves her birthday.  It is today, the day before Halloween.  She was able to wear her costume to school today and took halloween cupcakes to share with her class.  Miracle helped me make them and Kayla helped decorate them with candy corn.  This year, she wanted to get her ears pierced for her birthday.  So, Wednesday night, I took her and Anya to Walmart where Kayla picked out earrings that she really liked.  They are multi-colored flowers.  She got her ears pierced and only cried for a few minutes.  She actually only complained that evening about it hurting and has been really good about it.  She was so proud to be able to show them off in school.  I finished all the costumes last night.  I made all three girls black satin capes for their costumes.  I bought them all different witch hats.  They designed the rest of their costumes and have had a lot of fun with the getting ready.  They really love the capes.  I have to admit, they look pretty good, but they were a lot harder than I planned on.  Good thing my older kids got me a sewing machine for my birthday this summer.  I would not have got them finished with the old one.  That black satin is a bear to sew and I have black thread everywhere in my house.  One of these days we might be able to use the dining room again.  Right now, it looks like a sewing room.  But the girls think it has been worth it even if we do have to have a house cleaning party tomorrow.  Miracle also made Kayla a chocolate cake with purple frosting and we sang "happy birthday".  Daddy made her favorite chicken dinner in the crock pot so she was really excited when she came home from school and smelled it cooking.  Tonight we are watching "Ice Age, dawn of the dinosaurs", eating cake, and just having a relaxing birthday evening.  The nice thing about having your birthday the day before Halloween is that the day seems to last even longer because it has always seemed that the next day, Halloween, is still part of the big birthday party.  It is fun to celebrate your birthday with practically everyone!  Especially when you get to dress up any way you want!
I am so thankful today for Mikayla and all the love that she has brought into my life. 
Happy Birthday to my very special little angel, Mikayla


  1. I can't believe she is 11!!! I still remember stayiing up with her during the night when she was a newborn so that you and John could get some sleep. That girl had major collick and she still has that same spunk in her today!!! I love her lots and so enjoyed loving on her all of these years! Happy Birthday to my sweet sister! :)

  2. Yep,and I still remember all the boys calling her "it" because of the collick. It broke my heart. It is so hard sometimes being a mom. You want everyone to love your children the same way you do because you see all the good things in them and sometimes others don't. I really appreciate all the help you have been with everything. I am sure your sisters do too.