When faced with life's challenges,
it is Important to Remember
that although Daniel was saved from the lions,
he was not saved from the Lion's Den.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October 20th 2009

Today is a pretty busy day. I have been working on reports all morning and just need a little break. Maybe Chocolate will help! I was out all night on a fire. I got to stand and freeze and watch the guys put it out. It was a pretty cold night, so all of us were quite chilly and the guys were wet and very cold. It is quite different to work for the fire department. It is a job I really love. Too bad that there are some things going on right now that I am having a hard time with. All of us that used to be "part timers" have now become full fledged volunteers. That means we don't get paid for any more than five shifts a month. That has really given me a problem. Before, I could justify what I love to do based on the fact that it at least paid a little bit and helped support my family. Now I can't really justify all the hours that I used to spend on it because it has now become nothing more than a hobby. It would be a lot easier if I did not love to run on the ambulance and be part of this quite so much. Supposedly, the decision has to do with FLSA laws that say we cannot work those hours. All my research has not shown that to be true, but what do I know? I am just a volunteer. So, now I am researching the issue online and also spending more time with my totally great family. I suppose that this is what I need to be doing now.
I am trying to find the time to make everyone a halloween cape before the big day. I bought YARDS of black satin and the patterns to get the costumes made. Now it is just the cutting, pinning and sewing. To say nothing of all the blankets that I am behind in. I need to just set that sewing machine up on the kitchen table and have a great week or two. I would be really remiss if I did not write about the past couple of weeks. I was able to go to Time Out for Women. This is an event for Latter Day Saint Women and it is the first time that I have been able to go. I really loved it. I was able to listen to the speakers and feel motivated and uplifted. I really have a desire to draw closer to my Heavenly Father and to follow His counsel and teachings. I especially love the talk from John Bytheway. He spoke of a challenge that was given. Here is my favorite part.

Here's the experiment that was referenced in the talk. A Dr. Watson asked women to perform this experiment:
"For five days in their morning prayers, they were to pray with concerted effort for the Holy Ghost to be with them that day. Then, throughout the day, as they encountered any difficult, tempting, or trying situation, they were to pray for and really picture the Spirit being right there with them.
Among the results they experienced were:
An increased desire to "de-junk" their physical environments. A greatly reduced desire to watch TV. An increased desire to reach out to others and follow through on commitments. An increased ability to be kinder, gentler, and more patient. An increased desire to take care of their bodies by living the Lord's law of health more fully. An increased ability to see how they could have handled situations better. An increased mental focus. An increased ability and desire to study and learn. A greatly decreased desire to backbite, gossip, or be cynical. A dramatic increase in their physical energy because energy-draining negative emotions were gone. An unbelievable reduction in stress. Profound changes in their conversations with others."

The really amazing part of this challenge is that I tried it out for myself and it really worked! I have had a truely wonderful week that has been full of the spirit. Even the fighting between the girls in our home has decreased. That is pretty amazing as they all are teenager want-a-bees. I am so much happier and so much calmer than I have ever been. I need to keep doing this. I hope that it might be something that all of you want to try too. Have a wonderful day!

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