When faced with life's challenges,
it is Important to Remember
that although Daniel was saved from the lions,
he was not saved from the Lion's Den.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Touching Heaven

I have some personal experiences with this one.  I used to really struggle with being grateful for my life.  I have learned that we all have things that happen to us.  We all have difficulties and distress.  We all have trials.  It is easy to get ourselves so wrapped up in what is wrong with our lives, that we forget to look at all the things that are actually right. 
When I changed my sight from the things that have gone wrong, to the blessings that I am surrounded with, things became a lot easier.  The more I focused on the good, the less the problems that I was dealing with overwhelmed me.  The more I looked with gratitude at the world, the more blessings I found and recognized in my own life. 
I have learned, that as hard as it can be to find something to be thankful for, right this very minute, the more blessed I realize that I am when I make the effort in spite of my trials.  There are so many happy moments that surround us.  It was easy to find the things to be grateful for when I started with the basics.  When I covered my family, my home, and the gospel, I continued to find even more in the world around me.  Our Heavenly Father did not place us here to be miserable, and as much as I really hate to admit it, the ability to wallow in misery is truly a choice. 
What a beautiful thought for me today, the prospect of touching heaven through gratitude.  It encourages me to go right now and focus on something else that is a blessing.  It reminds me that we can each touch our own small part of heaven right here and right now.  All we have to do is find something to be thankful for and focus on that which is positive in our lives.  What a blessing!  What a gift!  What a choice! 
May we all come just a little bit closer to Heaven on earth as we reach, and grow, and learn, and most of all, give thanks every single day of our lives. 

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