When faced with life's challenges,
it is Important to Remember
that although Daniel was saved from the lions,
he was not saved from the Lion's Den.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Real Friends

"Electronic games and cyber acquaintances are no lasting substitute for real friends who can give an encouraging hug, who can pray for us and seek after our best interest".  Ian S. Ardern

We live in a busy world. Television, games, sports, school, movies, parks, music, dance and who knows what else surrounds us.  Every day, it is more and more busy.  I work, I work and I work some more.  I drive kids here, there, and everywhere.  I take them to doctors, dentists, councilors, and anywhere else they need to go.  
Sometimes, I yearn for the days of my Great-Grandmother.  When you rode horses to get where you were going, when there was no TV or radio, when kids played outside and did chores every morning and night.  When the only sports were played after school with your neighbors.   I envy the days of meeting your neighbor across the back fence.  
When I lived in Mesa, I didn't even know who my neighbors were.  We never saw each other.  We never communicated.  If I didn't see the kids, I didn't know the parents.  I hated it.  When I moved to a smaller town, I got to know so many more people.  It is really different here.  People tell me when my kids do something wrong, they tell me when there are things going on that might interest them.  They tell me who they should stay away from.  They tell me pretty much anything.
I did not count on the way gossip flies in a small town.
Oh well, it is still nice to know your neighbors.  It is nice to live somewhere people care.  It is nice to help each other and stand up for each other.  Sometimes, we all need real friends, ones who love us, care for us and watch over us.  I am loving learning what it means to know my neighbors.  

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  1. I loved living in two small towns while raising our children. I loved it. It sometimes took a while to get into the town culture; but it was fun to get to know your neighbors and others.
    I loved your thoughts on this one.