When faced with life's challenges,
it is Important to Remember
that although Daniel was saved from the lions,
he was not saved from the Lion's Den.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sabbath Day Scribblings - Believe

“God is eagerly waiting for the chance to answer your prayers and fulfill your dreams, just as he always has. But he can't if you don't pray, and he can't if you don't dream. In short, he can't if you don't believe.” ― Jeffrey R. Holland - 


  1. I love that. I don't think I ever heard that before. I so needed to hear that.

  2. This was an awesome post and I loved the pictures. I love your Sabbath Day Scribbings!

  3. One of my favorite quotes... thanks for reminding me who said it! :)

  4. Hi, I haven't seen you around the blog world lately. I hope you are okay. Thinking of you.

  5. What a beautiful reminder! I really love this - both the photo and the quote :)