When faced with life's challenges,
it is Important to Remember
that although Daniel was saved from the lions,
he was not saved from the Lion's Den.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Writer's Workshop - Healing From The Storm

This is the usual Thursday writing challenge from Mama's Losing It.  Choose a prompt, post it on your blog, and go over to Mama's Losin It and add your name to the link list.

The Prompts:
1.) Return to work after baby was born or stay home? How did you make your decision?
2.) Write a poem about inspired by the word: Storm
3.) You know the stories that are retold a million times at family gatherings? I call them Life Stories that you just never live down. List your Top 10 Life Stories.
4.) Describe a time you saw someone getting picked on.
5.) Write about one of your childhood heroes.

I chose number two this week and wrote a poem inspired by the word:  Storm

Healing From The Storm

Lightening flashes
Across the blackness
Of the winter sky.
Thunder rumbles
Through the air
In a breathtaking
Display of noise.
The rain comes down
In a curtain
Of icy wetness.
It pounds
In a loud cacophony
Of drumming sound,
And beats upon
The hard ground,
All the dusty land
Into thick,
Oozing mud.
The trees lash
In the wind
Back and forth
In a macabre dance,
Sending branches
Crashing dangerously
To the earth.
I watch the storm
Blow through
My mountain home,
In all it’s terror
And it’s glory.
That this too
Shall pass.
That after the storm
The rainbow
Will come,
And there will be
Peace at last.

My life is full
Of storms that come
In the darkness
Of my aching.
The thunder and lightening,
That is the world
Around me,
Rumble in my ears
My heart
From feeling the comfort
Of my God.
Trials rain
Upon my soul
And I struggle
In the mud
Of uncertainty
And despair.
The winds
Of life’s heartaches
Lash against my spirit
And I turn away
From His peace.
When I can bear no more,
I fall upon my knees
And turn to Him
Now, at last,
Seeking His way
I bow to His will.
He teaches me
That this struggle,
Like any earthy storm,
Shall pass away.
After the tribulation
Comes the blessing,
And the Son,
And His healing,
At last.


  1. Beautiful words, descriptions, and imagery!

  2. You have a way with words. :) Sigh... Thanks for sharing! :D

  3. A rainbow is a sign of healing and so it is a blessing to realize our struggles are for our healing. Lovely poem.