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it is Important to Remember
that although Daniel was saved from the lions,
he was not saved from the Lion's Den.

Monday, February 8, 2010

She loves her sister

Miracle, when she was first starting school, took everything very seriously.  She worked very hard to please people and to learn as much as she could about every thing that was taught.  One of the programs they have in school is the DARE program (drug abuse resistance education).  The kids learn skills to avoid involvement in drugs, gangs and violence.  In the lessons, they go over saying no to tobacco as well as other drugs.  They teach the kids to say no and they also teach what drugs can do to you.  
Miracle was going to school, and participating in the DARE program, and they came to the lesson on cigarettes.  Now, I have taught all my children to avoid cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.  They all know right from wrong, however, they do not all make the same decisions in their lives as I do.  Miracle has an older sister who was having difficulties and needed to come live back at home. 
Miracle was in her sister's room, when she saw her sister was dumping everything out of her purse.  Miracle saw a pack of cigarettes fall out of the purse and she started crying.  Her sister said, "Miracle, what is wrong with you?"  Miracle, with all the passion in her five your old soul, replied, "You are not supposed to smoke!  You are going to die!" 
Then I got the lecture from her older sister, "Mom, what are you teaching these girls!"  Well, I got everyone calmed down, the feelings soothed and the tears wiped away, but I have to admit I was very proud of my Miracle.  A couple of days later, Miracle came home with a Dare ribbon and a poster about not smoking.  She quietly put them both in her sister's room, right on top of the dresser where they couldn't be missed.  She included, along with the ribbon, a letter about how much she loved her and how she didn't want her to die from cigarettes.
I did not hear a word about it from Miracle, but her sister actually thought it was cute that Miracle loved her so much and she knew that Miracle only did it because of that love.  Sometimes, the innocence of children can accomplish much more than the timidity of adults.   Miracle never again saw her sister smoke, or found her cigarettes.
Her teacher saw me in parent-teacher conference a week or so later, and asked me about the ribbon and the poster.  Miracle had come into class the next day and asked to talk to the DARE officer.  She started crying and told the officer about her sister who was going to die.  Then she asked if she could have to poster and the ribbon to give her.  The officer gave it to her even though that wasn't what they are for.  How could he have possibly told her no?  He told me that he had never had a child so diligent in her pursuit of teaching her sister.  He thought she was wonderful and a great inspiration to the rest of us!
I have learned from my sweet young daughter, that sometimes it is better to testify of what you know to be right (even if they yell a little) than to sit back and hope that someday, they get it. 

And by the way, she really does love her sisters! 

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  1. How sad for Miracle to picture her sister dying. She is a great example of quietly teaching.