When faced with life's challenges,
it is Important to Remember
that although Daniel was saved from the lions,
he was not saved from the Lion's Den.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

In a Dark Place

In A Dark Place
by Patricia A. Pitterle

The road I walk
Seems dark and deep.
I find myself
Sinking into despair.
I am in an aching state,
I am in a lonely place.
My past catches me
And all those things
That I thought taken care of
Come back for another round
Of pain.
It might not be so bad
If the past were 
Things that I had done
But when it is full
Of evil done to me
There is no escape,
And when it intrudes 
Into the present
It is worse than
When it happened 
For the very the first time.
I am in a dark place,
A space where my heart
Falls into 
so many tiny pieces
And where, 
no matter how hard I try,
I cannot glue them 
together again.
I am in a space 
where it would be easy 
To wish myself no more
To walk away from pain
To put aside the sorrow
To be something 
I have never been,

And so,
I fall upon my knees
With tears upon my cheeks
And pray for relief 
From the darkness.
I pray for understanding
I pray for love
I pray for forgiveness 
And most of all
I pray for peace.  
I want to wish it all
So very far away.
I want to know 
That it will not 
Taint the very air I breath.
I want to be 
The person that 
I have always tried to be.
I want the darkness 
That seeks to destroy
Me from within
To go away,
To be destroyed,
To never return.
And so I fight
One breath,
One moment,
One fear, 
One hurt at a time.
I fight to believe 
In myself.
I fight to feel loved, 
And needed, 
And enough,
Just as I am .
I fight to remember 
Not only who I am, 
But whose I am,
And where 
I have always belonged;
With Him.

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